Yum EM is inspired by the popular dice game Yahtzee.

Basically, the player has to roll 5 dice up to 3 times to get a suitable combination in order to score points.
Until no roll left, the player has the possibility to keep any dice he wants and roll the rest once again.

At any time during his turn, the player can register a score on a combo based on his dice value.
There are 13 different combos. A combo can only be done once per game.
Some combo needs specific requirements in order to score points.
A player, sometimes, has to ZERO a combo in order to proceed.

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

It's all about probability, strategy and luck.

To play Yum EM, you need to create a game account.

Steps to take :
  • Submit the registration form.
  • Look in your mailbox to find an e-mail with the confirmation link inside.
  • Once the account confirmed, use your account information to log into the game and start playing.

  • [ MAIN MENU ] [ TOP ]
    You can select from 3 different options at the Main Menu.
    Your SymbolZ, the Yum EM currency, is also shown at the Main Menu.

  • 121 matches against the AI.
  • Earn SymbolZ to unlock bonuses.
  • Random appearance of special opponents.
  • Save your progress online.

  • Unlock new characters to play with.
  • Unlock extra dice sets.

  • [ GAME SCREEN ] [ TOP ]

    [ CONTROLS ] [ TOP ]

    [ CAREER MODE ] [ TOP ]
    In this mode, you match up against AI controlled opponents. Advance through stages by winning against them.
    Once you beat everyone, your character wins a crown.

    SymbolZ are awarded after each match, and a rank from A+ to F is given for your performance.
    You can improve your rank by trying a stage again.

    IMPORTANT : To save your game results, you must COMPLETE your game.

    The score sheet is divided in 2 sections and contains the 13 different combinations of dice.

    - SUPERIOR SECTION - (6 combos)







  • BONUS : obtained when the sub-total of this section is 63 points or higher


  • - INFERIOR SECTION - (7 combos)

  • 3 OF A KIND

  • sum of all 5 dice including 3 identical dice
  • 4 OF A KIND

  • sum of all 5 dice including 4 identical dice

  • 3 identical dice + 2 identical dice (25 points)

  • 4 dice in numerical order (30 points)

  • 5 dice in numerical order (40 points)
  • YUM

  • 5 identical dice (50 points)
  • sum of all 5 dice


    Located at the right end of the screen, this column displays the results of activated emblems.
    Emblems are earned during combat.

    [ COMBAT ] [ TOP ]
    When both players finished their turn, a combat event starts.
    The score obtained during this round reflects the attack power.
    The more powerful the attack, the more emblems it will generate for the next round.

    [ ATTACKS ]

    Ultra-V Ray
    Charged if the score obtained is less or equal to 10. Generates 1 emblem.
    Infra-R Laser
    Charged if the score obtained is between 10 and 21. Generates 2 emblems.
    Super Nova
    Charged if the score obtained is between 20 and 31. Generates 3 emblems.
    Absolute Zero
    Charged if the score obtained is between 30 and 41. Generates 4 emblems.
    Giga Volt
    Charged if the score obtained is between 40 and 51. Generates 5 emblems.
    Death Ray Charged if the score obtained is more than 50. Generates 6 emblems.

    [ EMBLEMS ] [ TOP ]
    Emblems are generated when an attack hurts an opponent.
    They will be located randomly next to ANY combo in the score sheet.
    An emblem is activated when you enter a score in the box next to it.
    If the emblem is not activated, it will disappear at the next round.

    Bolo Emblem  Bolo Emblem
    Rewards 10 times the score obtained in Bolos.   Bolo
    Karta Emblem  Karta Emblem
    Rewards 10 times the score obtained in Kartas.   Karta
    Trion Emblem  Trion Emblem
    Rewards 10 times the score obtained in Trions.   Trion
    Lumini Emblem  Lumini Emblem
    Rewards 10 times the score obtained in Luminis.   Lumini
    Starko Emblem  Starko Emblem
    Rewards 10 times the score obtained in Starkos.   Starko
    Luck Emblem  Luck Emblem
    The player obtains a bonus roll in the next turn.
    Fury Emblem  Fury Emblem
    The strenght of the attack is doubled for the next laser combat.
    Boost Emblem  Boost Emblem Rewards bonus points. The amount varies for each combination. For the superior section, the bonus increases with the number of identical dice. For the inferior section, the bonus is fixed and different for each combination.

    Q: Yum EM is slow or seems not to be running at the optimal speed... Why?

    CHOQ: There are many possible reasons. 2 of them :
    - Poor computer system hardware.
    - Weak browser / flash plugin. Use Chrome, Firefox, or anything better than IE.

    Q: Your AI is unbelievable and seems cheated!

    CHOQ: There is no cheat. It's all about luck, probability and strategy. In hundreds of games I played, I've seen unbelievable stuff as well, such as rolling a Yum on 1st roll of 1st round, or being beaten by 1 point on last round, or seeing the AI doing as low as 120 points or above 300. The keyword here is luck!

    Q: Are there cheats / easter eggs / secrets?

    CHOQ: No. All unlockables you can find are in the Bonus menu, there's no secret.

    Q: Any chances to see an online vs mode?

    CHOQ: Definitely, but an offline vs mode should be done first. Then the online multiplayer version. I'm not working on this project.

    Q: How long did it take to make this game?

    CHOQ: Until a stable almost bug-free version, it took a bit more 150 hours over 6 weeks. This game developement project was approved by the Quebec governement in its Young Volunteers program. In 2008, I updated the server files, implemented a game account creation system and various other fixes.

    Q: Is it your first game?

    CHOQ: No.

    Psycho (1998) 1 vs 1 turn-based strategy game with a bunch of weapons and some RPG elements. Coded in QBasic, I stopped scripting when I reached the memory usage limit. It was about 10 000 lines.

    Poker EM (2003), a video poker with its own twist of gambling over gains. It used a database to store players profiles like it does for Yum EM.

    Scratching Lottery Ticket (2003) with database support.

    Psycho (2003 - 2011), flash revamp of the original Psycho. Work in progress.

    1.7 alpha - 25/12/2011
        - Much more UI improvements.
        - New opponent : Cochonus
        [ Work in Progress ]

    1.61 - 25/12/2011
        - Various UI improvements.

    1.51 - 02/09/2008
        - Charging in combat events have been improved.

    1.5 - 02/09/2008
        - Online statistics had a major improvement.

    1.4 - 27/08/2008
        - File published as Flash 9, improving all graphics.
        - Back button added in main menu items selection.
        - Few fixes and upgrades on some dialog boxes.
        - Combat event conclusion slightly changed.
        - Summary background changed.
        - Pages shown for characters and dice sets selection,
          and in Bonus mode.
        - Manual purchase has been improved.
        - Total amount of SymbolZ shown in main menu and Bonus mode.
        - Main menu presentation improved.
        - Frame borders annoyance fixed.

    1.32 - 15/07/2008
        - Updated main title pages.

    1.31 - 10/05/2008
        - Rerolls are faster.
        - Version Changes section created (this section)
        - Rewarded SymbolZ Bonuses are Increased.
        - Rewards are given also on a Loss and a Draw.
        - SymbolZ are now shown in the Main Menu Screen.

    1.3 - 05/05/2008
        - Yum EM was translated from French to English.
        - New Game Account Creation System.
        - Some components of the User Interface has been redesigned.
        - Credits per day was changed to Free Play.
        - The type of rewarded Symbolz is now shown in the Summary.
        - Game Makers Credits appear in the Main Menu Screen.
        - FAQ Updated.